Your Source For Qualified Law Leads

We find and deliver high-quality clients that result in a consistent profit, month over month.

Your Source For

Qualified Law Leads

We deliver high-quality leads that result in consistent profit, month-over-month.

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Case Study

236% More Leads Than Predicted For Law Firm

Goal: Increase The Volume Of Law Leads

Legal representation is something most people only think about when they have to address an active legal matter. They are usually not thinking about a promotion on TV or the radio from a month or two prior.

That is why we focused all efforts and marketing investment on online search engines, using only terms that are the most likely to lead to new client acquisitions.

Conversion Rate

2.4x The Industry Average

Avg. Cost Per Lead

26% Lower Than Expected

Our Approach

We agree on a cost

per lead that makes sense to both of us

We generate quality reviews to bring you even more business!

You tell us how many leads per month you want (within reason) and we deliver

But First, You Must...

Have a solid sales process

Know your numbers and be able to communicate them

Have availability to book more appointments

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It's About Calls, Not Clicks

While ad clicks and website traffic are important, it all comes down to actual leads. You may attract a lot of clients to your law firm with a great ad. However, once inside, if no-one buys, you won't earn a return on investment (ROI). At Laborem Edge, we are 100% focused on leads.

We track everything from the keyword someone types on Google → to the ad they click on → to the landing page they visit → to the recording of the actual phone call. Then we share the data with you, so you can review your leads, know which marketing efforts are profitable, and even use the recordings for training your team.

Generate Leads For

Your Law Firm

Some of the most common questions are "Will Google Ads bring me the number of leads I need?" or "Will it work for my business?". Pay-Per-Click (PPC) invests your money into ads that you only pay for when someone actually clicks on your message. Since you only pay for results, PPC advertising is a great fit for businesses of all sizes. Benefits of investing in Google Ads include:

  • Highly effective for businesses that need leads but are short on time.
  • Complements and improves your SEO efforts.
  • Is the only way to see word-for-word how people search for your products and services.
  • Only targets people actively interested in what you offer.
  • One of the most measurable marketing channels.
  • Provide true, non-anecdotal, evidence of which marketing efforts are yielding an ROI.


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We Love Helping People Grow Their Businesses

"We've been working with Laborem Edge for about a year or so and have been so happy with their responsiveness! Whenever we have questions it just takes and email and the issue is solved. Thank you so much!"

- Christine Evanko

"They take the time to explain their process and are actively working daily to make sure your budget is getting spent the right way. I can honestly say that this team is the best internet marketing team we have partnered with ever. I would not hesitate to endorse them anytime."

- Caleb Wilson

"Laborem Edge has been managing several campaigns for my business for the last year. We have seen a marked increase in calls and inquiries from potential clients during this time, thanks to their efforts."

- Ben Tyree

"Every time I call with a problem Laborem Edge is there to help me. My type of business requires constant updating of my website and they are there to accommodate my needs."

- Amy Spearing

"Their team is really committed to you meeting your goals. Most shops claim this up front and then it turns into a negotiation over what they can sell you. John and George constantly circled back to my goals as we made decisions together which is exactly what I wanted."

- Trey Noe

"It’s nice to know we are saving money and time by placing our company only in front of people that are actually shopping for our services. We like that LE can show us proof and track the data to show us if the efforts are working or not. We learn a lot by working with them."

- Chris Gutzmer

"I worked with George / Laborem Edge on a few projects and every time he's come through with flying colors. He thinks through the project and put a tremendous amount of time into understanding your business so that the final outcome hits on all of the points you want to promote."

- Matt Russel

"Excellent business, George really pours his heart into all of his work! He most definitely takes care of all of your needs professionally, timely, and enthusiastically!"

- Britni Jackowski

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